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nbt2 Next Best Thing II cassette removal tool (back in stock)
With the NBT2 you can pull the cassette from your freehub on the road without other -heavy- tools. Invaluable if you need to replace a spoke on a rearhub. Thus it has the same function as the predecessor NBT (and the Pamir Hypercracker of old), but apart from that it is completely different. It's lighter (26 grams),  investment cast in stainless steel, extremely compact, it will not damage your paintwork and it's cheaper to boot. The NBT2 has no smallparts to loose along the roadside, no fine threads to cause problems and the high strenght stainless steel will ensure it will survive years of neglect in your toolbag and still come up shining! 
See here how it works

Price € 19.95

NBT2's are also available in the UK through Spa cycles and Cyclewise Whinlatter, in Switzerland through Veloplus and RadLos Seefeld

Grand Bois bicycle tyres
Grand Bois tyres
Grand Bois tyres are made  by Panaracer for I's Bicycle. These tyres are optimized for road feel and made with 'cost no object' best materials to give you a smooth tubular ride. Typically nowadays tyre manufactures try to outdo each other with puncture resisting technology which detract from performance. These tyres just use the best rubber and casing and not much else. Probably not recommended if you ride through broken glass all the time, but if you like me can't remember when you had your last puncture you'll enjoy the ride. For me they hold up fine even on the winter fixie. on road, gravel paths, through forests etc. Available sizes are:
26-622 (not suitable for fag-paper clearance frames
28-622 ( might still work with current 39-47mm clearance brakes)
30-622 (definitely 'normal' reach or cyclocross framesets)


and in 650B for the camping bike enthousiasts:
Cypres in 32-584 @ €45.75, Liere in 36mm @ € 52.75 and 42-584 Hetre's (black, red or cream thread) @ €55/each

Extra light versions are probably in stock too

Spokey spaaksleutel Spokey spokewrench
One of the few spoke wrenches which grabs the nipple on the corners. The first time you will need to get used to it, but this far outweighs the mess you get into if you round off a nipple. Which is an easy enough thing to do with an old rearwheel and a conventional spoke key. This one has far more grip, and is affordable and very light. The plastic covered face ensures that this tool, contrary to many 'professional' spokekeys,  will not mar anodized finishes!

The size of the Spokey red is 3.25 mm, for the usual size spoke nipples (2mm, 14G)
New: now also available in black for 3.4mm spoke nipples, as found on many machine-built wheels etc.

Price € 7.95

steel derailleur hanger Auxiliary derailleurhanger.
Designed for simple frames without a derailleur hanger, but also suitable for emergency repairs. Just clamp it underneath the skewernut and it could save your holiday. Might need some filing to fit. 

Price € 1.50

This sturdy bracket attaches to a round tube with a stainless steel strap. Can be used on diameters upto 29mm (1.125"). The ear swivels 360 degrees.
Can be used to attach a reflector or a -not to heavy- headlight. The barreldiameter is 22mm (.875"), large enough to suit a cyclecomputer.

€ 8.95

Bottle fix
The Bottlefix attaches a standard bottlecage to any roundish tubeshape (factory says 15-45mm, .625"-1.75", but the strap is long enough for 70mm).The head can be fixed at the 90 degree position, enabling the Bottlefix to attach to a handlebar or similar shape.
Complete with two SS straps and an inhex key.


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