This website doesn't feature  buttons.

This is because I'm lazy and because it saves trouble with Americans (can't do US orders*) ) or Nigerians **). As of 2021 I'm also not selling to the UK, as the Hassle/Profit ratio went up to 11.  And (surprise) it is not because of some EU regs but something you lot voted for ;).

In an email it is easier for me to explain when ordered goods will be in stock, easier to ascertain whether bits fit or work together or if you haven't forgotten something vital.

And the NBT2  and Son hubdynamo's are also available in some other countries. However if you live on a white spot on the map we can supply small or larger orders  Quotation on request. Shipping either by mail or carrier.


(and you can also write in German if you like)


How fast can you ship?