Schmidt Original Hubdynamo FAQ
What versions are there?
The original SON with black centersection was superceded by the current model with removable sidecover: this is smaller with a one piece shell, the unloaded losses are halved, and the interior can be accessed without disturbing the spokes. The weight is 20 grams less. Much lighter again are the XS and R versions which revert back to the original design in two halves

Will the SON fit my forks?
With 100 mm over the locknut width and  9mm axle-ends the SON will fit most forks. The stiff axle will have no problems with a suspensionfork or a tandem. You can even get a diskbrake version (but no roller or drumbrake)
Some folding/separating bikes (eg. Brompton,Dahon, Moulton NS)  have a 70-72 mm OLD, for those the SON XS is now available .

Where can I get a SON hubdynamo
In the Netherlands try one of our dealers. In Germany, Austria and Switzerland  the Son is fairly common, shops which deal in recumbents or the better qualty citybikes should have them. Ask the factory  if you have problems. In the UK the dynamo is sold though a few shops. In the USA try Peter White's site.

Can I convert any SON to diskbrake?
No, you would have  to change the hubshell which is not available separately.We suggest you sell your SON second hand and get a new one with DB flange.

Can I get my SON in a matching color?
Yes, if it is polished aluminium;-)  Some SON's are available in black (anodized) but supply is currently limited to the 28" 32& 36H versions and the SON R in 20". 

Will there be a 12V SON
If you go fast enough you can power two headlights in series with the current SON's: see 12 V  for the theory and here for the installation

The light flashes at low speeds, is there something amiss?
At walking-speeds the frequency of the alternator is visible to the human eye. At speeds over 8 kph the variation in intensity will be impossible to see. The choice is either a bright and flashing light, or a continuous and dim one. The bright light offers better visibility

Can I charge a battery with a Son?
Allthough a capacitor supported LED light (eg D-Toplicht rearlight, Lumotec Oval Plus headlight) will continue for some time, there are allways people who want more. Not only for lights, but to charge that laptop, GPS or mobile phone on the road. With a 6v rectifier and some ingenuity this should be possible. See the site SON factorysite for details (Sorry, its in German))

Can I use the Son without a rear light?
Any dynamo will generate a current which above a certain speed is fairly independent of the load. With only a stock 2.4W bulb the 550-590 mA of the SON will result in over 7 V, even in headlights with a diode fitted. A normal bulb will fail within 10 hours, so it is better to fit a 6V 3W bulb, as the Philips HPR64.3W 

Can I fit a Son headlight upside down?
No, the reflectors in the better bicycle headlights are not symmetrical and usually of welded construction. Upside down you have lots of stray light in the wrong places (your eyes mostly), and a very light foreground, and not much in the distance. And you run a greater chance of water entering the headlight. Special versions of Lumotec and E6 are available on request.

I get funny reading on my Avocet computer
Folks using the SON along with Avocet computers and the ring magnet find the computer doesn't work properly. The solution is to eliminate the Avocet ringmagnet, position the sensor next to the hub, and adjust the setting in the computer. Start with the correct calibration number and divide it by 1.3. Program the computer with the result. The Avocet now works perfectly.

The bearings are shot!
Very unlikely, due to the strong magnets the axle is very difficult to turn with your fingers. If you manage to rotate the axle by hand, you will feel the magnet poles attracting the stator, which gives the impression of a maladjusted bearing.But the magnet push is as big as the downhill pull, so this evens out.  As long as no current flows, the losses are very small due to the hysteresis characteristics of the materials chosen.

Can I use Schmidt headlights with other hubdynamo's?
Most lights will work with other dynamo's, if you connect them properly. As dynamo's from competitors are connected to ground, the lights will not work if you have the wires switched. Connect the outer wire from the coax to the connector marked earth. The Schmidt Oval plus has the switch fitted on the earth side, so you won't be able to switch the light off unless you insulate the light from the frame.

Can I use Schmidt lights with battery's?
Sorry, no. The switches in Schmidt lights are not designed to cope with the very large powersurges which occur in battery-setups on switching on. The contacts could be welded shut. Better fit a large switch with a fuse near your battery. The E6 is available without switch. The LED lights will not work on DC