Lights for Schmidt Original Hubdynamo's

LED lights
Son Edelux

For those interested in technology there is a description here with graphs. For everybody else: this thing works and gives a crazy amount of light for a dynamo light. (It will not really function from a batterypack). 
  • 3 watt LED (special grade: >100 lm/W)
  • Extra heavy duty cooling of the LED for  max life and output
  • Perfect reflector with smooth asymmetric lightning pattern, great in fog and for uncoming traffic
  • 3 position reedswitch, operable with thick gloves, (on, off,  sensor)
  • Standlight
  • rearlight connector
  • 85 grams, 49mm diameter
  • wiring 1,4 m
  • supplied complete with retroreflector and bracket (bracket not suitable for sidepulls)
  • Silver or black
  • Next to the E6 the only light with 5 years guarantee
B&M Cyo sport  (60 lux)
Just in, and available with and without Sensor switch. The plastic housing is slightly bigger than the Edelux and output with 60 lux is less. Compared with other light it still packs quite a punch, which is why you accept it faults. The loose wires hanging from the housing to attach the rearlight are a silly detail, and the shape of the switch is a design disaster. Come the revolution, the designer will be first against the wall!  The light is switched on by turning the conical shaped end of the light, which is all but impossible to get a grip on. For a bike of mine I would have a go with glue or a soldering iron!  The standlight will now switch off in the off position, and even switch on when you remove the light from the packaging!

Complete with bracket (as shown, not very suitable in connection with a sidepull) 0.7m wiring and a separate wire for the rearlight
Just in, ofcourse in the automatic sensorversion for hubdynamo's. Gives loads of light even at low speeds .However you have to accept the monochromatic (?) lightcolour of the LED which isn't  the most efficient in the rain. Eyes differ, and not everone has the same problem with this, and maybe it is only a problem because it so much better in the dry. The standlight works nearly instantaneous and also does it's thing at very low speeds. You really have to wait a while before the light starts to dim noticably!. The angle of the light is adjustable, but the steps are rather large, subjectively something like tyre, road and treetops

60 grams, with 0.70 m wiring,  and equipped with connectors
for two rearlights (yes, I've no idea why either) Supplied with bracket for mounting on the forkcrown.

Also available in a slightly cheaper manual-only model without sensor

Halogen lights
It took a few years, but this is the ultimate halogen headlight: the Son E6. This light combines the Bisy optics with an alloy housing. Inside you find an electronic overvoltage protection and a magnetically actuated reedswitch (waterproof). The housing is sealed with an O-ring
  • Electronic voltage limiter, no unneccesary powerloss 
  • Perfect reflector with well defined beampattern. No stray light (really helpfull in fog) and no blinding of uncoming traffic
  • Magnetically operated switch (convenient to use, even with mittens) 
  • Robust interior
  • cable lengths of 0,5m or 1,2m wire (2.0m on request)
  • 83 gram
E6-B standard version  (dia 75mm)
E6-Z With shortcircuit switch for use in a switchable 12 v setup. Circuitry includes a capacitor to improve efficiency at slow speeds. 12v mode gives more light from 16 km/h onwards, but is best switched off at below 12 km/h. Cable lenght 0.9m.  click here for a photo
E6-OS without switch for use with mechanically switched conventional dynamo's

All E6 headlights are now shipped without the reflectorring of the earlier versions. Diameter is reduced to 75mm (3") was 86mm, and the light no longer emits light to the sides and rear, which can hinder nightvision if the light is in direct vison, as could be the case when mounted on the handlebar or theboom of a recumbent. With the reflectorring a small piece of tape will have the same effect, without sacrificing the visibility from aside. This reflector is still available on request

Reflectors and the switch ring are also available as spares

Standard Son-Lumotec headlight
  • with original Son rocker switch (convenient to use, even with mittens)
  • 3mm UV resistant coax cable 
  • cable lengths of 50 or 140 cms (The 1.4m. version is supplied with uninstalled connectors to enable custom lengths) Sometimes we can supply 2.0 m as well
  • rear light can be connected to headlight, and uses the same switch
  • The beam of this headlight gives an even trapezoid shaped pattern with very few uneven patches and little stray light up.

Watt Bulb

This bulb is recommended if you use a battery powered [LED] rear light. Stock bulbs are 2.4 Watts to compensate for the current drawn by the rearlight. Without a rearlight the resulting overvoltage would shorten bulb-life. 
Type approval for headlamps is always for a 2.4 W bulb, so the use of this bulb is perhaps not quite road-legal in some countries.

ADFC beam comparison This is a German report, but the pictures and tables are selfexplanatory
Busch and Mueller D-toplight plus. 
This light has a powerfull diode. A capacitor is charged by the dynamo, which will keep powering the light while waiting at intersections etc.
Also available in a dual version (Multi), for use with either dynamo or two AA cells
Fits carriers with 80 mm mouting holes (50 mm on request)
seculite Busch and Mueller Seculite  plus. 
This light has a powerfull diode. A capacitor is charged by the dynamo, which will keep powering the light while waiting at intersections etc.
Fits mudguards
r&m bracket
Headlight mounting R&M 
This is a sturdy molded bracket for mounting a headlight to the handlebars. Fits bars up to 26mm which excludes oversize (32mm) bars!. Supplied with hollow & bal washers to adjjust the angle.  Stainless bolts,  37 grams
Also available modified for two headlights
                            ss Stainless steel headlight bracket. 
Stainless steel bracket for mounting a headlight to the forkcrown. Center to center dimension approx 67 mm, 1.1mm thick. 17 grams.
bracket f brompton Schmidt headlight bracket for Brompton 
Stainless steel bracket for mounting a E6B headlight to the forkcrown of a Brompton, below the front pannier. 1.4mm thick. 19 grams.