Schmidt Original Hubdynamo
  • Ultra reliable, never fails, even in mud, snow or rain, when conventional dynamo's give in
  • Unsurpassed free running (and 'no' resistance with the lights switched off), maximum efficiency
  • Comfortable operation with a switch on the headlamp. See for the range of headlights here
  • Quiet!
  • Sturdy wiring with serious connectors
  • Very high mileage without maintenance
  • Can be used with conventional quick release
  • Use any tyre: tubulars, knobblies or why
  • Special version for 16"-20"  wheels
  • Option: mounting flange for diskbrake (32H or 36H)
  • Option: Black anodized (28"only,  32 or 36H, disk or no disk) (Son R is available in black for 20")
  • Standard drillings 32 & 36 H,  Optional 24, 28, 40 & 48 H
  • Guaranteed for 5 years 
son XS XS
Now available is the SON XS with 72 mm OLD. This narrower hub is develloped for Moulton NS, Brompton and Dahon folding bikes which cannot use a conventional sized hub. Smaller also means lower weight, without skewer the weight is 389 grams! This means that your folder will be no heavier than when fitted with a conventional botledynamo, but much more reliable as the dynamo can't be knocked out of alignment. 

Unlike the model above the spokes have to be removed for maintenance. As this is highly unlikely to be necessary, it is a small price to pay for the sizereduction. The axle is made out of alumnium. The E6b headlight with Brompton bracket will fit on the forkcrown under the Brompton bag. 

  • 28H only
  • 389 grams
  • Brompton version (8mm ends) or Dahon/Tikit versions (9mm axle ends)
  • German type approval K 439


SON XS 100
The XS is also available with a 100 mm axle to fit lightweight recumbents, Birdy's etc.
  • 24, 28 and 32H 
  • 399 Grams,
  • max vehicleweight 100 kgs
  • German type approval K 439
som mono
The XS is also available with a one sided axle to fit recumbent trikes..
  • 36H 
  • 520 Grams,
  • 12mm stainless axle
  • IS 2000 diskbrake flange
  • Available for Scorpion and Anthrotech
son r 20
SON R 20
Available now, in multiple drillings upto 36 H. Very lightweigh with only 390 grams!  Electrical specs as per the standard model, but not suitable for tandems. Also available in black, a (Rohloff) red version is in the works as are versions with a centerlock disk flange.