Featherbed (discontinued)
Featherbed (vlak stuur) The Featherbed tourer with front- and rearsuspension was born on an unsuspended tour in Wales. To me Wales equals 1 in 6 downhill (or 1 in 4 up) with a sheep round the corner and gravel on the road. It might even be dry! With those conditions you start thinking about suspension. Because you nearly crash when the tyres loose traction on the graveled crown of the road, because you get a puncture when you run out of metalled road, and because at the end of your ride you dismount your bike as a centenarian. After a bath, in front of a coalfire, you decide it is time for suspension, but what will you do with all the luggage?
From the archives: two early prototypes
Featherbed is designed as a tourer with luggage carrying capacity, and not as an adaptation of an mountain bike. The luggage is transported on a triangulated rear-carrier, and on lowriders fixed to the suspended part of the front-forks. Thus the luggage will be subjected to far less vibrations and noise is reduced. Saddletroubles are greatly reduced because 'the kick in the butt' (pardon the expression) never happens, and tyres and spokes are spared as well. And you get a lot more usuable roadspace, an advantage in busy traffic
Nothing in life is free. The bike is complex, which not only means higher cost, but also more maintenance. And although a lightweight saddle and wheels will suffice, you incur a weight penalty. And in theory a suspended frame looses some efficiency. But on all but billiard smooth roads (i.e. there where it is still fun to cycle) the energyloss in the suspension will be overcome by the decrease in loss of momentum on the bumps, and the better condition of the engine.

Intended use:  touring on paved roads
Front-suspension: linkage fork, low stiction design, 1 5/8" travel Oil/Cellasto (mcu) springunit mounted on zero-maintenance silentblocks, replacable pivots with industry standard plain bearings, Cantilever brakebosses with powerhanger
Rear suspension: Trailing swingarm design. 2" travel Oil/Cellasto (mcu) spring-unit mounted on zero-maintenance silentblocks, replacable 316TI axle with industry standard plain bearings. Adjustable for weight. Side pull caliper.
Frameconstruction Cro-mo frame from selected Mannesmann and Columbus tubing, Fillet-brazed. Vertical dropouts
Geometry 73 degrees seat angle, 71 degree head angle
Wheel size: 622 mm (700 C)
Dropoutspacing: 100-135 mm F/R
Headset 1" bsc
Bracketthread 68mm bsc
Chainwheelsize 52 T. max
Framesize Custom seat and toptube lenghts
seatpost 27.2 mm with adapter
Braze-ons Front-changer pulley, slotted cablestoppers, bottlecage bosses (2*), dynamofitting, eyelets for mudguards, lowrider and rear carrier mountings, pump peg.
Finish Two layer powdercoat (blue metallic)
Weight typical weight from 13kgs 
Options cantilever bosses and drilled cablestops for Magura's, lowriders, wide city rear rack