Schmidt Original Hubdynamo
power 6v/3W 
type approval K 179
wheelsize 26"-28"
efficiency 65% at 15 km/h 
losses, unloaded 0.5 watts at 15 km/h
magnetrotor Nd-Fe-B , 26 poles
connectors 4.8 mm plugs, with separate return not connected to earth
cableloom 3 mm coax cable, non-pvc
switching usually by a on-off rocker switch mounted on the headlight
axle hollow axle, 10 mm diameter, from high quality stainless steel (Non DB versions are tandem approved)
bearings industrial annular bearings 629 2rs1
sealing gapseals and rubber seals
hub body AA 6012, polished aluminium alloy, CNC machined
spoking pattern standard 36H or 32H 
spokeflange diameter 70mm (see drawing)
weight 580 g (w/o skewerrod)
guarantee Son dynamo's and E6 headlights sold after 1/1/2004 are now guaranteed for 5 years! Son's sold before 1/1/2004 are guaranteed for 3 years.
accessories Schmidt original hubdynamo's are supplied complete with key-release axle and manual
options Son 20, for 16-20" wheelsize (typeapproval K 165)
S-option, flange for 6 bolt style brakedisk (32-36H only)
24 ,28 ,40 or  48 spokehole configuration
Black anodized finish (28"-32/36H models only)

speed vs power