roughrider drawing Worldtravellers kept asking for a suspended touringbike with 26" wheels. We finally gave in and introduced Roughrider. But for some detail solutions, this is a new bike from scratch. Reliability and ease to repair count in the bush, thus we have come up with a steel frame with as few moving parts as possible. The reartriangle pivots om a single extra wide axle (with grease nipple) and the frame can be built up with very common parts. There is room for three large waterbottles, and the optional frontcarrier positions the bags high and dry, with maximum clearance for riding in those deep ruts.
And home again you can take the carriers off and use it as an MTB
Habitat Expeditionbike, thus anywhere, where you can ride or push
Front suspension Your choice, frame is supplied without forks. Get a fork with 50-60 mm travel and a 1" steerer. Consider a conventional (non-ahead) headset, easier to get replacement parts for, and more leeway with the handlebar stem. I quite like the RST Mozo Pro fork, easy to disassemble, no seals to cause complete failure, and you can fit the optional frontcarrier to the bolted crown (As with WP-Rond, Manitou etc)
Rear Suspension Unified Rear Triangle with approx 60 mm travel. Single pivot in the downtube above the chainwheel. Replacable extra wide SS axle, with industry standard teflon coated bearings. Greasenipple.
  Shock-works R 332-1050 gasfilled damper with alloy body and adjustable springseat.
Rearbrake braze-ons for Magura hydraulics, Nexus sidepul on request
Construction Filletbrazed from selected Mannesmann, Columbus and Dedacciai tubing. Vertical dropouts
Rear carrier Integrated design, removable for (tran)sport, with Phase Coupling Device (stabilizer). Maximum load 25 kgs
Geometry 73 degrees parallel
Wheelsize 559 mm (26" MTB), reartire up to 2" wide
Components Rear dropoutspacing 135 mm, bracket 68 mm BSC, Headset 1", frontchanger 28.6 mm with bottompull (not topswing!), largest chainwheel 46T, shiftlevers on handlebars.
Sizes S,M,L,XL
Braze-ons Cablestops for rearbrake and derailleurcables, 3* bottlecagebosses, mudguard-eyelets, rearcarrier, pumpstop (XL)
Finish 2-layer powdercoat (dark purple metallic)
Weight On the road from 12 kgs, but this varies a lot with tyres and parts.
Options Cantileverbosses and eyelets for Magura brakes, Non-standard colours
Delivery Not from stock