Old Man Mountain fitting instructions and small parts
old man mountain montage When fitting the OMM carrier to the dropouts, beware of the size of the bottom mounting. The ends are wide =strong, which means you might have to insert a small washer to ensure that the rackmount seats properly. 
old man mountain montage With other types of OMM carriers you remove the QR skewer and replace it with the included XL one. Keep the conical springs with the old skewer, with the rack they serve no purpose and sometimes there isn't enough room for them between axle and rack. Keep the external cam lubricated with some light lubricant to reduce friction and increase the clamping pressure
old man mountain montage Bolt the 90-degree angle (with the longer M6 bolt) to the canti-stud. Allways use the original washer (arrow), and sometimes (eg with XT etc V-brakes with parallellogram) a second washer is required to ensure free movement of the brake.
Fit the long strips, they might need some gentle bending to line up properly. If you clamp them in a vise handpressure is usually sufficient.
If you find the protruding end of the strip very offensive you can shorten the strip at the other end (marked in red) and drill a new hiole. For this you'll need metalworking skills and tools
The OMM carriers are fitted to the cantileverstuds. This isn't possible if you use Magura rimbrakes with the QR mechanism. The solution is then to use our Magurabrackets, which are clamped between brake and cantistud. Removal of the brake is then again possible. On some frames you might have to file the bracket slightly (arrow) to be able to fit the brake low enough. 

Note: These brackets will not work with Firmtech brakes, in which case you will have to resort to tubeclamps.

clamping kit
For large suspension forks with fat tubes we offer kit based on a modified stainless steel hoseclamp. Not the cooles looking option, but it fits a wide variety of diameters without pinching, not uncommon with designs which use solid  V-s to clamp a round object <O>

For seatstays and smaller forkblades we have a range stainless P-clips with rubber padding. Size range from 1/2" to 1" (25mm).
Please mention the tubediameter when ordering, for nonround shapes measure the circumference of the tube (where the cantipivots would be) by wrapping a piece of paper round the tube.