Old technology
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cyclo benelux
Cyclo Benelux derailleur

An oldie from 1958 or thereabouts Notwhitstanding the name the gearmech is British (and a French design) but by British standards the mech is good and luxuriuos! It is certainly a clever bit of kit. The cage moves by pulling on the controlchain  which slides a pivoting axle against a spring. The spring is a coilspring which also serves to tension the chain by winding up the cage. The spring is protected from the elements by a flat metal spring. Chaintension is adjustable by rotating the ring with the serrations. The inner bore is hexagonal and you can push it inwards so it frees the inner nut. The spring pushes the chain toward the biggest cog, so what we have here is a (Shimano please note) Top-Normal design. The pulleywheels are steel, run on ballbearings and are likely original!
cyclo benelux 2
Cyclo Benelux derailleur 2

Adjustment is simple. De gekartelde bus waar het kettinkje uitkomt kun je verdraaien, en daarmee verschuift de geleiding en schroef je de derailleur onder het grootste tandwiel.
Niet zo goed zichtbaar (pijl) is de schroef waarmee je de derailleurbody kunt verdraaien om de afstand tussen pignon en bovenste geleidewieltje in te stellen

Een aanslag om niet over het kleinste tandwiel te schakelen is er niet, maar het is niet ongewoon om aan de derailleur te moeten buigen om te zorgen dat het kleinste tandwiel ueberhaupt gehaald wordt.
benelux front changer
Cyclo Benelux voorderailleur Ook voor treffen we een lineair design aan. Maar met die paar tanden verschil van de halfstep zijn de prestaties ook niet zo kritisch. Om voor elkaar te krijgen dat de kooi ver genoeg naar binnen gaat los je de klemschroef en verschuif je hem over het asje.....
benelux front
Cyclo Benelux voorderailleur 2 Hier zien we het simpele krukje dat het asje naar buiten duwt. De kooi wordt geleid met twee ronde asjes (met eentje zou hij net als achter kunnen verdraaien) en op het onderste asje zit een verstelbaar aanslagmoertje dat de slag beperkt.
Hirondelle headbadge Block chain

Veteran cycles are often equipped with a block chain, aka Humber chain. With the chain depicted here the block bit isn't  that clear anymore, with the earliest versions the long link was a solid block with 2 pivoltholes. Block plus link measures 1", ie double the current pitch.

chater lea tandwiel Chater Lea
Old chainrings usually feature some creative design. 
gelaste verbinding Welded frame
This is a detail of an old (20s-30s?) French 650B bike. The main traingle is gaswelded instead of brazed, as you might expect. 
charmante achterpad Same frame, these are the rear dropouts. Note the elegant line of the wheelslot. The reinforcment is to deal with the forces of the coasterbrake (with the pencilthin chainstays it still wasn't enough)
campa rodgear Campagnolo Cambio Corsa derailleur
One of the first (1940-1950) Campagnolo derailleurs, Ergopower is still a long way of....! With the upper lever you loosen the rearaxle skewer, the lower lever derails the chain. The upper lever snaps behind a spring, to facilitate easy removal in case of a puncture.
campa rodgear Campagnolo derailleur 2
By swinging the cage and pedalling backwards you can coax the chain to engage with the next (Regina) cog. The chain is tensioned by the angle of the dropouts and the riders weight.
campa rodgear Campagnolo derailleur 3
The axle is splined, as are the dropouts. This ensures that the wheel will not move to one side and jam in the forks. If you're really good you can do this without stopping, but on a bumpy road it's quite a job!
racestuur? Thirties dropbar
Where have we seen this shape before? (clue: click here)
resilion rem Resilion brake
An English cantileverbrake from the thirties. Bolts to the frame with a bracket, and the special brakecable splits to operate both halves (as shown in the upper picture) 
chater lea balhoofd Chater Lea headset
If you provide all bearings with a Zerk fitting, parts will last a long time. The bottom race is lubricated with a fitting on the LH side of the lower headsetlug (see above)
Sturmey Archer shifter Who needs STI?
Batavus Bracketshell Batavus bracketshell
The bracketshell of this 50 YO Batavus is fitted with a separate sleeve. Sleeve and cups are both clamped  with two bolts through the bracketshell ears.

The threads are peculiar too: both sides have RH thread, as far as I can make out it is BSC!

oilbath chaincase Humber oilbath chaincase  The chaincase is not absolutely sealed, but the idea is to have a small quantity of oil sloshing about to wet the chain. Put the bike on it's side and oil will come out.

Note the fillerplug/lubricationport on top