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heresy Heresy (Moulton)
My Moulton AM 7 is a wonderfull bike, but with the one-size-only 540 mm toptubelenght and the 72 degrees seat-angle it is far too small for me. And sufficient room for a front derailler in the proper position wasn't available either. The (guaranteed NOT Dr. Moulton approved!) Heresy frame shown is longer and has a steeper seat-angle, doesn't separate, but fits me and thus rides a lot better and weights a pound less. Torsional stifness is not surprisingly down 20% (from 103 to 85 Nm/degree), but the original spaceframe has so much reserve it still beats most racing frames.

You can find original Moultons at : http://www.moultoneers.info

btc installed
S&S couplings
We can fit (or in some cases retrofit) S&S couplings to frames, to turn a standard looking frame into a separable one. It is not a cheap solution, but then S&S couplings are not a cheap product. I usually have one on my desk before it finds it way into a frame as it makes a wonderful 'executive toy' 

The toothed ends are pushed together with sleek serrated nuts, visible in the picture below 

If you have a growth impediment, and -justifiable- don't want to ride a horrid childrens bike. This frame features a 175 mm seattube, a low stepthru height, and the frame will take a Sachs 7speed hub with coasterbrake. Also note the custom carrier.
Johannes doesn't have knees nor arms. With this cool yellow trike he can still race his friends. Bet they can't ride backwards! 
A Radical with a suspended trailerbike. Rearwheel in the trailer is a 17" Moulton (this dropped the bracket to a suitable height), and the childrens crankset is a chopped and drilled RX 100. Both cyclist shift with a Gripshift, and if you leave the trailer at home you can fit a carrier in the mounting.
16 recumbent swingarm Suspension fork for 16" recumbent

This design is based on the Radical fork, but features a special forkcrown to achieve chainclearance

zephyr assymmetric recumbent fork with DB Recumbent fork
This fork features two different forkblades: on the left a stout blade to take the punishment dealt out by the diskbrake, on the right the narrow forkblade snakes around the direct drive chain.

You can no longer get decent thumbshifters. Thumbshifters have some real advantages for the user, but somehow got stuck with the old fashioned label, probably because they worked so well. Thumbshifters offer: 
  • Fastest shifting, especially when you want to shift through the whole block at once. Just whack at the lever instead of pushing seven odd times
  • You can see at a glance or feel in the dark which gear you're in, 
  • Works equally well with gloves, cold fingers, or when you are dog tired 
  • The non-index front changer works with any shifter, and can always be trimmed so it will not rub. 
  • Index mode can be switched off on the move in case the adjustment goes off. (sort it out at home instead of in the rain) 
  • You can use your whole hand to shift, instead of pushing with a single finger 
Strangely enough these features are still being offered in barcons for racing bikes. Making a bracket to adapt the barcons to work as thumbshifters seemed only logical.  So for those who want flat bars we sometimes offer these brackets which bring back the thumbshifter convenience for those who want eight or nine speeds. The brackets take either Shimano or Suntour barcons. The barcons can be rotated in their mountings, so you can play with height and reach. 

I've been planning to produce a batch of these for some time now, so if enough people come begging this might actually happen.