delilah sideview Put all our suspension technology together with a racing bike in a Samsonite suitcase and stir: you could end up with Delilah. This is a bike you can take with you on your travels, and without advertising the fact. So you won't have to explain the unique double wishbone frontsuspension, the unified rear-triangle, or the fact that this is a small wheeled bike which goes!
Habitat equally at home on the road or travelling in a suitcase
Frontsuspension asymmetric paralellogram action, with hydraulic damper and MCU (Cellasto) spring
Rear suspension Unified rear triangle, with hydraulic damper and MCU spring. Assembly pivots on replacable bearings, and can be swung fully round without disturbing the cableruns.
Sizing Two or three sizes will be offered 
Components Takes standard racing groupset: 28.6mm frontderailleur, shortcage rear derailleur, chainwheel 57T max, bracketset BSC, 26.8 mm seatpost, 1" steerer, STI or barend-shifters, 57mm sidebrakes or V-brakes
Gearing With the recommended topgear of 57-11: 7.6m (95"). This is equivalent to 52-14 on a 700C wheel. Gearfreaks can fit 10 or 9 T cogs (available from Moulton), a single large chainwheel, a Schlumpf Mountaindrive or hubgears.(135mm to special order)
Construction Cro-mo filletbrazed construction, from Mannesmann and Dedaicciai tubing. Powdercoat finish
Folding time 5-10 mins.
Weight 11 kgs approx
Availability A limited run of 20 is planned for 2001, which will ensure exclusivity. Orders will be dealt with on a first come, first serve basis
This is our development hack, with a new reartriangle , v-brakes and a two-stage adjustable frontspring
Price frame guestimated at around €  2090