How we build a customframe
workshop Step zero
A decent workshop helps. From left to right:  lathe, mill, workbench, framejig and behind the circular saw on the right you can just about see the alignment table 
radicalc frametekening Step one
Start with a drawing with all angles and lenghts. A computer is very convenient here, this drawing was made in seconds with  Radicalc

This is a larger drawing

buizen Step two
Get all the tubes and bits together. This is a MTB set with slalom seatstays
Step three

-start with slotting the stays

Step four

- braze in the dropouts and clean-up

Step five

- machining the chainstays to the exact lenght

Step six

- machining the frametubes with a holesaw

Step seven

-drilling holes for waterbottle-bosses while you still have access

Step eight

- put the tubes in the framejig and check for fit

Step nine

-ready for degreasing, fluxing and brazing

Step ten

- Presto we have a frame, but still a lot of finishing to do

Step eleven

-  filing and sanding gives a result!

Step twelve 

- finally fit all the small bits and bobs, as cablestoppers, cantipivots, brakebridges etc

Step thirteen 

- raking the fork

Step fourteen 

- final alignment check

Step fifteen

-all it now needs is a bit of paint